An analysis of fraternities and sororities on college

Many early fraternities made reference to Christian principles or to a Supreme Being in general, as is characteristic of fraternal orders. While these limitations have since been abolished by both the Interfraternity Conference and the National Pan-Hellenic Councilstudents of various ethnicities have come together to form a council of multicultural Greek organizations.

An analysis of fraternities and sororities on college

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Three extant buildings of this campus are now part of the University of Minnesota Duluth. In Februarya fire caused extensive damage to the school and the following year, the school was rebuilt. Bohannon [16] was appointed president of the Duluth Normal School.

In the school first opened for enrollment. The first students, all women, came to the school to be trained for a degree in education. Bythe first seven women received their diplomas from Duluth Normal School.

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Room and board were offered at cost, between fourteen and fifteen dollars a month. Requirements, such as having a high school diploma, were instituted.

The building is thoroughly modern in construction and equipment. It is located in one of the most attractive parts of the city, overlooking the waters of Lake Superior from a height of more than three hundred feet.

The laboratories are large and well arranged. The furniture and apparatus are new and excellent in every way. A large and well-lighted room has been equipped for manual training.

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It is supplied with twenty benches of the most approved make and all of the necessary tools and instruments. The bulletin reports, "At the opening of the school four years ago it was somewhat doubtful whether the number of children to attend would be sufficient to constitute a model school in any proper sense.

Only three teachers were needed to take charge of the pupils at that time, while five are required now and the number of children seeking admission is greatly in excess of the limit fixed for the several grades. In the school became co-ed, and the first sports teams were instituted, including hockey, football, and basketball.

An analysis of fraternities and sororities on college

Founding of University of Minnesota, Duluth[ edit ] As enrollment increased on the University of Minnesota campus in the Twin Cities in the s, higher education leaders began to debate how to address overcrowding on the state's land grant university campus. During this time City leaders and area state legislators formed a plan to advocate for establishing a branch campus of the University of Minnesota in the City of Duluth.

After significant lobbying efforts a bill was drafted and submitted to the legislature that would instead take the Duluth State Teachers College, remove it from the Minnesota State Teachers College system and establish a branch of the University of Minnesota in These events later led to discord, with Southern Minnesota organizing to request its own university in as part of efforts to make Mankato State Teachers College into a research university called the University of Southern Minnesota or Minnesota State University.

During these initial years the University of Minnesota Duluth was considered directly a part of the University of Minnesota, not an independent institution.

Modern History[ edit ] The University of Minnesota Duluth has established itself in a number of research areas including ocean, sea and freshwater sciences.

In addition, in a two year school of medicine was founded at the university to provide the first two years of medical education in a small urban and rural setting. Today, the university now educates a medium sized student body of over 11, students each year and draws students primarily from the Twin Ports and Twin Cities areas.

The sculpture, "Wild Ricing Moon," was designed by John David Mooney [35] and represents the traditional wild rice harvest.Whether it is in the more common areas such as sororities and fraternities on college campuses or between a junior and senior class in high school, hazing is hazing and it is a serious, and sometimes deadly, issue.

76% of students, who joined or attempted to join a fraternity or sorority group, were hazed during the pledging process. Phi Mu Fraternity SWOT Analysis A crisis on a college campus could make for a negative reputation; this is definitely a threat to the success of Phi Mu and its endeavors.

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More about Hazing at Fraternities and Sororities Essay. College Fraternities and Sororities - The High Cost of Social Acceptance Words | 8 Pages.

Essay Analysis on Fraternities and Rape on Campus The first main sociological question in the "Fraternities and Rape on Campus" study performed by Patricia Yancey Martin and Robert A. Hummer was, "What characteristics do fraternities have that make them prone to objectification of women and more likely to commit gang rape on college campuses.

Lowering the Legal Drinking Age: An Analysis of the Pros and Cons Lowering the Legal Drinking Age: An Analysis of the Pros and Cons Background. Since the mid ’s, the legal drinking age in the United States has been set at

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