Cyp 3 6 working together for the benefit of children and young people

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Cyp 3 6 working together for the benefit of children and young people

The MindEd portal is a Department of Health commissioned website aimed at adults with professional responsibilities for children and young people, which provides information relevant to assisting children and young people with mental health problems.

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In this context, e-therapies are clearly of great relevance. Fortunately, over the past two decades computer-assisted treatment protocols available via the internet or via electronic devices have been proliferating. Many of these protocols could be usefully integrated into the MindEd offering. However, the translation of evidence-based treatments into computer-assisted technologies is neither obvious nor automatic, and before these therapies could be recommended, their effectiveness in treating mental disorders in children and young people has to be demonstrated.

The review was intending to answer two questions: Methods The literature review undertaken was conducted according to the NICE review protocol using standard search strategies and provided evidence profiles using the grading of recommendations, assessment, development and evaluation GRADE approach.

Studies were selected which concerned any e-therapy that aimed to treat the mental health of a child or young person, either through remote therapist contact e-mediated therapy or through computer-based applications, either where the mean age of participants was under 18 or where all were aged under All mental health problems were included.

Participants were asked about their likes and dislikes, likelihood to use and opinion of therapeutic benefit for products tested in the focus groups and any previously used products. They were also asked whether they would prefer products that were used with or without a therapist being present.

Results The review included 63 studies of e-mediated or computer-based therapies. In terms of technologies, the interventions evaluated included computer-based technologies: The evidence was predominantly of low quality, with limited data, inadequacies in study design and unreliable outcome measures being major contributors to quality downgrading.

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For other interventions, evidence came only from single studies, but suggested potential efficacy for e-mediated delivery of therapies: Findings were inconclusive for the remaining interventions: For the majority of these interventions, the evidence was of low quality and their effectiveness is still uncertain.

For attention bias modification and cognitive bias modification, some evidence was of moderate quality, suggesting with slightly more confidence the lack of benefit of these interventions. At the time of this review there were no randomised control trials for interactive applications for smart phone or tablet based applications.

Conclusions Computer-based applications such as cCBT and a number of other interventions show promise to provide effective independent treatments, and e-mediated strategies appear to be potentially useful for delivering therapy. Several general principles for the provision of these interventions and the development of new products and services were identified.

There are opportunities to exploit new types of internet-based and computerised media but most currently available products are not free and have been developed and evaluated by private companies. Investment is needed for the development of products, with input from specialists in software design as well as psychology.

Due to the rapid expansion in the number of related publications, continued, robust, evaluation of the evidence for e-therapies is needed and this should include evaluation of their cost effectiveness.

We influence Ministers, Parliamentarians and key policy makers to change policy at the highest level to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all babies, children and young people in England.

The directory also includes information about how you might judge what makes a good service.

Cyp 3 6 working together for the benefit of children and young people

Whether you are a young person looking for help for yourself or someone you know, or a teacher or social worker trying to help a young person find support, the Directory provides a list of local and national organisations for anyone up the age of 25, along with important information you may find helpful.

We know that support is not one size fits all, so use this site as often as you need to, to find services that are the best fit for you. The information on this site provides a starting point to finding the right help for you or others.

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It encourages health and social care staff to use the opportunities arising during their routine interactions with patients and members of the public to have brief conversations on how they might make positive improvements to their health or wellbeing, including mental health.Attachment is a theory about danger and how we organize in the face of it Crittenden and Clausson We hear a lot about ‘attachment’ and its important in care proceedings.

WARNING: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS. SUICIDALITY AND ANTIDEPRESSANT DRUGS. Antidepressants increased the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children, adolescents, and young adults in short-term trials.

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Cyp 3 6 working together for the benefit of children and young people

Read more about us». 1. Introduction. The last survey of the mental health of children and young people in Great Britain in 1 found that 8% of 5 to 10 year olds and 12% of 11 to 16 year olds had a clinically.

ANTIMICROBIAL COATINGS IN HEALTHCARE SETTINGS: EFFICIENCY VERSUS SAFETY. Chair: Anne Kahru 1,2, [email protected], Co-Chair: Angela Ivask 1, [email protected] 1 National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Akadeemia tee 23, Tallinn, Estonia, 2 Estonian Academy of Sciences, Kohtu 6, Tallinn, Estonia.

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