Dance piece essay

History[ edit ] Pilobolus is named after a phototropic fungus that Jonathan Wolken's father was studying in a lab at the time of the company's inception. The fungus grows on cow dung and propels itself with extraordinary strength, speed and accuracy. Pilobolus was founded by a group of Dartmouth College students in The company tours domestically and internationally, performing works from its over piece repertory as well as new pieces, created at a pace of about two per year.

Dance piece essay

Mark has an interesting story to tell — he was a priest, who then left Christianity and found an alternative in Greek philosophy particularly Plato and depth psychology. As for me, I was never a Christian, but found a form of practical spirituality in ancient philosophy. Here are some initial thoughts, please chime in with your own thoughts too.

We should also note that the Stoics were monotheists — they followed Heraclitus in believing in one Logos.

Dance piece essay

In this they can be compared to the evolving monotheism of Judaism, particularly that of Moses around two centuries earlier. Later Christians would draw on the Stoic concept of the Logos, particularly in the marvelous opening to the Gospel of St John.

I wonder if one could argue that Stoicism is in some ways more monotheistic than Christianity, in that there is no opposing Enemy, no angels and demons, and no Trinity? There is just the Logos. Anyway, back to this idea of giving up your will and serving the Logos.

O God, without you nothing comes to be on earth, neither in the region of the heavenly poles, nor in the sea, except what evil men do in their folly. But you know how to make extraordinary things suitable, and how to bring order forth from chaos; and even that which is unlovely is lovely to you.

For thus you have joined all things, the good with the bad, into one, so that the eternal Word of all came to be one.

But they are senselessly driven to one evil after another: They do these foolish things, time and again, and are swept along, eagerly defeating all they really wish for. O Zeus, giver of all, shrouded in dark clouds and holding the vivid bright lightning, rescue men from painful ignorance.

Scatter that ignorance far from their hearts. Who or what are you serving? Another important idea in both Stoicism and Christianity is the question of what is the most important thing in your life. What do you serve? What is your god or master? Because everything will follow from that.

If you make money your god, then you will have to dance to that tune, and bend and twist in accordance with your master.

One of the things I think I have been searching for in life is something or someone to serve. And in a way, my career initially involved serving a succession of bad masters. I have been trying, not entirely successfully, to switch from serving the outer master of public approval, to serving what Epictetus calls the God Within, what Jesus calls the Kingdom.

Because that is a master worthy of service. That involves a switch in the centre of your self, an an evolution from a self based on appearances looking good to others to a self rooted in service to God.

The idea of askesis is still strong in Orthodox Christianity, which in general seems to me much closer to Greek philosophy, while modern Evangelicalism seems to have thrown that entire tradition out in favour of loud and slightly soupy declarations of love for Jesus.

This is a radical idea, in that it breaks through tribal and racial barriers and insists that all humans share a divine nature. What a beautiful idea it is. OK, so what are the differences? Differences 1 The Logos made flesh While Christianity drew on the Stoic idea of the Logos, there is a crucial difference.

Christ is, according to St John, the Logos made flesh.About the Square Dance History Project. Square dancing has been an integral part of American social life for centuries.

Traditional square dance was vital for generations of Americans, especially in rural communities; in the post-World War II era, modern square dance similarly enjoyed participants numbering in the millions.

The dance piece supports the title because hey are voicing their personal opinion on why they are attracted to dance.

As the sound was playindg there was a pattern I saw which was that every student would dance as their recording was playing. Guidelines for Viewing Dance and Writing Critiques for Dance Performances By Myra Daleng, Richmond Department of Theatre & Dance Your essay, paying attention to grammar, neatness and spelling, should be as thorough as possible.

Refer to a piece, work or dance NOT routine or act. Refer to movements NOT moves. Refer to live music.

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Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Dance (La Danse) is a painting made by Henri Matisse in , at the request of Russian businessman and art collector Sergei Shchukin, who bequeathed the large decorative panel to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, composition of dancing figures is commonly recognized as "a key point of (Matisse's) career and in the development of modern painting".

Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This piece had both men and women with different costumes that also differentiated them. The dance had a total of five dancers and they were dancing to some sort of soul music beats.

The music lacked vocals.

Stoicism and Christianity