How to write a chairmans agenda

Be sure that you have a quorum. Once this has been established you can proceed with the meeting. Appoint a Temporary Chair and Secretary In order to conduct a meeting you will need someone to chair the meeting and someone to record the meeting. So, your first order of business is to designate these people.

How to write a chairmans agenda

Following up with the Executive Officer Checking the quorum If the committee has a specified quorum, the Chair or Executive Officer checks that the quorum has been reached.

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Opening the meeting The Chair declares the meeting open. Presenting apologies The Chair or Executive Officer reads out any apologies for non-attendance except in very large meetings, where this would take a lot of time.

Personal items The Chair deals with any personal items such as the welcoming of new members, thanking of retiring members, or welcoming of visitors to the meeting. Back to top Confirmation of the minutes The Chair seeks from those who were present confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting.

If any amendments have been proposed in the agenda or are proposed at the current meeting, the Chair invites those members who were present at the last meeting to consider them and to agree on the specifics of any amendments to be made.

If there's a dispute about any proposed amendment, those who were present at the last meeting vote on whether or not the amendment is to be adopted. The minutes are then confirmed, either in their original form or with agreed amendments, and any amendments are recorded in the minutes of the current meeting.

The Chair signs the minutes after they have been amended as approved. If any member has made such a request before the meeting, the Chair advises of this. Once it is clear which items remain in Part 2, the Chair moves en bloc endorsement of the recommendations in those items. It's normal procedure for the Chair to ask for the meeting's approval to re-order items.

For most items, the Chair gives a brief introduction.

how to write a chairmans agenda

If a report or a discussion paper is presented, the Chair normally invites the author to introduce it. Ideally introductions don't repeat material which members already have- rather they briefly draw attention to key points and issues as an aid to committee discussion.

how to write a chairmans agenda

The Chair then invites open discussion, and tries to facilitate a debate which draws out the full range of opinions held by members present. If appropriate, a vote is taken on a specific motion at the end of discussion. The Chair asks the Executive Officer to count the votes if the issue is contentious or if the vote is likely to be close.

Back to top Other business If there is an "Other Business" item on the agenda, the Chair invites members to raise matters.


The Chair does not permit discussion of any matter of significance under this item, on the basis that the committee must have adequate time and documentation to prepare for informed discussion.

Any significant issue can be included in a future agenda if appropriate. The Chair declares the meeting closed.[Sample first meeting agenda] Pyramid Model Team Meeting. Date: Place: Agenda. Objectives: Provide an orientation to the initiative.

Review purpose of team. Adopt ground rules for collaborative planning. Review draft action plan format. Adopt goal/vision. Identify challenges to goal/vision. You can format an agenda to suit an informal or formal meeting. To compile the agenda details, you can insert a table to give your agenda a streamlined look for easier readability.

Word can format an agenda for a streamlined look. UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Description of the Joint Strategic Planning System (JSPS) July Overall classification of this briefing is UNCLASSIFIED.

An Agenda is an ORGANIZED list of things to do or to be considered. Most usually a meeting will have an agenda to be followed so that the people attending can see what topics will be discussed and in what order they will be taken by the chairperson.

Chairmans address to the AGM. Outgoing chairman Richard O’Shea had the full attention of the attendants this year at our Club’s AGM and gave an interesting outgoing speech which was informative, thought provoking, thankful and hopeful.

Sample Meeting Notice, Agenda, and Minutes Meeting Notice Arlington Mental Health Task Force When: Thursday, 10 March 09, a.m. Nee Gotiator (chair) called the meeting to order at Mayor Promptu dropped in to welcome members and stress the importance of their task.

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