How to write amount in millions converter

Billions Trillions A simple and useful converter tool to convert numbers to millions, billions, trillions, hundreds, thousands, lakhs, crores, etc. Enter the value and select the unit to find its equivalent value in other units.

How to write amount in millions converter

You now know all the components and rules to count from 0 - 99 in System 1. Recall that, for numbers and up, System 1 is the only system in use, so you don't need to worry about the other system.

First, let's consider numbers rounded at the hundreds. For the number "", there are two ways to write and pronounce it as in English — "hundred" and "one hundred".

how to write amount in millions converter

Both are used in Korean, although the simpler form "hundred" is preferred, and the form "one hundred" may sound unnatural in some contexts.

For first-time learners, it's safe to use "hundred" all the time, as it is perfectly acceptable in all contexts. The same is true for 1, etc. Hundreds Once we know the hundreds, we can add tens as explained with Table 7 to compose other detailed numbers.

Some examples are shown in Table 9. Numbers in the Range Click here for a Self-Test Quiz 1, - 10, Range We can now explore larger numbers, which are particularly important for understanding Korean business documents. Since the exchange rate for the Korean currency, Won, fluctuates around 1, Won to 1 U.

Dollar, monetary amounts mentioned in Korean documents tend to be large a car may cost thirty million Won and the Korean government's annual budget is usually in the tune of several hundred trillion Won.

But there are no new rules to learn to count very large numbers. If you understood the underlying patterns in the above examples, you can easily compose numbers in the 1, - trillion range. As a first step, let's consider numbers from 1, to 10, Recall that the Korean language has a special, single-syllable word for 10, Korean Word for 10, 10, mahn Let's compose numbers rounded at the thousands, which progress with the same basic pattern as seen earlier.

Thousands To compose detailed numbers in this range, simply add hundreds, tens and ones as we have learned with Tables 1 - 9. For this range, it's important to keep in mind that there is no specific word for "million" in Korean. Millions are referred to as some multiples of "mahn" 10,until another word is introduced at , Also recall that the grand unit jumps at every ten-thousand fold interval as opposed to thousand-fold.

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To see these points yourself, pay special attention to the words that qualify precede "mahn" in Table 13 — those are multipliers of "mahn". In this and the following tables, the word "mahn" is written in red to make it conspicuous to first-time learners. Numbers Rounded at the Ten-Thousands in the 10, - 99, Range We can make detailed numbers in this range by adding thousand, hundreds, etc, as we have seen earlier.

how to write amount in millions converter

At this point, one minor rule of the Korean typographical convention should be mentioned.A million minutes ago was – 1 year, days, 10 hours and 40 minutes ago.

A billion minutes ago was just after the time of Christ. A million hours ago was in Convert Currency to dollar description words: (, w/explanation) Author: Terry Voss, Demo the Dollar Converter Download the zip with 3 files:,, (extract 3 files into new web project, set as startup, F5).

When you calculate with large numbers in Excel, you might want to only show the values as thousands or millions. 2, should be shown as 2. Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t offer such option with a single click. In the metric system there are standard ways of talking about big and small numbers.

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Show Ads. Hide Ads About Ads. Metric Numbers (See also Metric/Imperial Conversion Charts and Unit Converter) What is kilo, mega, giga, tera ? In the Metric System there are standard ways to talk about big and and even easier to write it down as 1 km.

How do I correctly fill in the amount of in a cheque. Perhaps, you have reached us looking for the answer to a question like: How to write in words This number to words converter can also be useful for foreign students of English (ESL) who need to learn both how to write and how to pronounce the cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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How to spell out or convert numbers to English words in Excel? Supposing you have a lot of price amount numbers, and now you need to convert or spell out them to text strings.

For example, convert to the English words one hundred twenty-three dollars and fifty five cents.

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