Improve the world

It only takes a few minutes of cable news to get the feeling that the world is heading into a tailspin. Endless images of homicide investigations, natural disasters, car crashes, and drug busts fill the airwaves on a daily basis. The one commonality of these six indicators?

Improve the world

Here are a few ideas on how you can take action and make a difference in your own community. Energy and Climate Change 1.

Conduct an energy audit Improve the world your home or business. Replace your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Buy or rent a hybrid car. Install solar water heaters or solar electric panels at your home or office. Buy a flex-fuel car and fill your tank with ethanol.

Update your company's energy management system with smart metering. Ask your utility company how to buy clean, renewable power. Walk, bike, or carpool to work. Donate to organizations that install renewable energy systems in developing countries.

Invest in a clean energy fund. Calculate your carbon footprint, reduce your energy use, and offset the rest with investments in clean energy. Demand action from your elected officials on climate change. Implement a model workplace health and wellness program to generate awareness among your neighbors.

Teach children about diet and exercise to prevent chronic disease. Get an annual physical. Train community personnel to perform first-level health services. Deploy MBAs in developing countries to build local health management. Provide employee vaccinations i.

Donate to organizations that offer free immunizations for children in high-risk areas. Donate water sanitation equipment to organizations dedicated to clean-water initiatives in developing areas.

Walk or ride a bicycle to work to keep fit. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Provide transport and logistical services to improve healthcare delivery.

Contribute medical equipment to developing world clinics. Donate leftover bulk food to a local shelter.

Improve the world

Brew Fair Trade coffee in the workplace and buy Fair Trade products. Start a program in your workplace to provide pro-bono or volunteer services.

Improve the world

Donate used computers to schools or start-up companies in need, locally or internationally. Offer your technical expertise to agencies mounting emergency aid programs. Donate to microfinance programs with entrepreneurial training for women in rural areas.

Invest in income-generating agriculture projects in developing areas. Support efforts to bring internet and computers to rural areas. Create niche markets for products produced by your company. Start an exchange program designed to provide expertise and skills training.

Advise developing countries on diversifying and strengthening investments.

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Create new financial instruments for small businesses to access capital. Launch a workplace program to raise funds for an effective NGO.

Sponsor a child with a scholarship to attend school. Teach a lesson to others in your school or community about education in developing countries. Donate funds to buy a school uniform or supplies for a child.

Volunteer to help build a school abroad.Synonyms for improve at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.

5 Ways You Can Improve the World With Almost No Effort

Find descriptive alternatives for improve. Sep 04,  · This is part of a series on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Stockholm Resilience Centre. This article focuses on goal 3 – Ensure healthy lives and. Two-thirds of the world's people are governed by experiments in democracy, from republics to direct democracies.

Since the I improve myself and our world, by improving my thoughts and actions. I am attracted to healthy thoughts. Apr 14,  · Millions of people care about the world they live in and seek ways to improve it. A multitude of local, state, national and international causes are bor.

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These 6 Charts Show How the World is Improving View the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes of cable news to get the feeling that the world is heading into a tailspin.

Get the World Cup the hell out of Qatar: The World Cup is going to a blip of land that it’s already been widely established was obtained through bribery.

It’s a country where the temperatures.

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