John horgan science writer seattle

A Talk With John Horgan [5. This controversial hypothesis, which has received wide attention, has at once been greeted by consternation by many but certainly not all in the scientific community while giving comfort to those who want anything to do with science and technology to go away. In The Third CultureI write about " scientists and other thinkers in the empirical world who, through their work and expository writing, are taking the place of the traditional intellectual in rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives, redefining who and what we are.

John horgan science writer seattle

It turns out, as David Kaiser shows, quite a lot. Great fun to read.

john horgan science writer seattle

Today, quantum information science is among the most exciting scientific frontiers, attracting billions of dollars in funding and thousands of talented researchers.

But as MIT physicist and historian David Kaiser reveals, this cutting-edge field has a surprisingly psychedelic past. In the s, amid severe cutbacks in physics funding, a small group of underemployed physicists in Berkeley decided to throw off the constraints of academia and explore the wilder side of science.

They studied quantum theory alongside Eastern mysticism and psychic mind-reading, discussing the latest developments while lounging in hot tubs.

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How the Hippies Saved Physics is published by W. Book of the Year! Winner, Davis Prize from the History of Science Society — best book in the field aimed at a general audience.

Preview the book here.

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Read excerpts in Scientific American here and here. Read a brief blog post about the book here. Additional interviews available here: To schedule an interview, please contact Elizabeth Riley at eriley wwnorton.

Bulgarian translation of this page by Stoil Dragomirov is available at the following online retailers and bookstores everywhere.Science writer John Horgan argues, “you can’t explain consciousness by saying it consists of information, because information exists only relative to consciousness.” Understanding the source of consciousness is an extremely difficult hurdle, but Koch is up to it.

Today's top Technical Writer jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Technical Writer jobs added daily. John Horgan, science writer and director of the Center for Science Writing at Stevens Institute of Technology, has set up a very interesting site.

In the s he interviewed a series of leading. John Horgan The edges, future, and limitations of science Rational Mysticism: Dispatches from the Border Between Science and Spirituality. This acclaimed book by John Horgan is available at in several formats for your eReader.


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Walking Away from Terrorism: Accounts of Disengagement from Radical and Extremist Movements. By John Horgan.

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