Kenya s digital revolution

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Kenya s digital revolution

Article continues after advertisement The Resurgence of Africa with the Digital Revolution Today, the world is witnessing the incredible development of Africa. In the last decade, especially, Africa has begun to focus on technology and internet to grow.

Instead, what matters is technology and the internet. With its manpower, all it needs is to focus on the right skill sets to create a nation of abled individuals who could help create the right digital approach. The digital revolution, which is also called as a third industrial revolution, sees a major shift from mechanical to digital electronics.

The digital revolution sees Africans working on technology and network connections to increase their efficiency.

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Africans are already known for their hard work the world over, and with newer improved techniques and strategies that is sure to improve productivity, the GDP of African nations are sure to grow manifold in the next decade. The only question is how they would adopt to the new technology to bring in the enormous growth in the continent.

How is Digital Revolution the Answer for Africa? The digital revolution will not only help the continent to develop but also prove itself in the globe, in turn giving a tough competition to global leaders. In fact, the digital revolution will help in improving the infrastructure and educational facilities in African nations, driving in employment, with more opportunities.

The fact that African nations are focusing on harnessing new technology is indeed a welcome sign.

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The digital revolution includes everything from Big Data to IoT and the cloud, and if African nations could focus on them, the returns are huge. If you look back at the few centuries, it is technology that has driven the world forward, and nations on their road to prosperity.

For instance, it was the industrial revolution that spurred great growth in England at that point of time, and it was what made U. Technology, Africa and Us Technology has always had a significant impact on humankind, and it is time for Africans to taste success as well.

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The digital revolution will bring in a new life to African industries and fade out all the traditional methods. The new methods are going to be effective and efficient and will help Africa be ready to transform and willing to enter the digital world.

Africa is focused on improving its human resource skills to ensure it creates its own niche in the global market.

Kenya s digital revolution

And with the digital revolution in its cusp, we are sure there is so much to look forward to! Article continues after advertisement.Baba Gaston: BABA GASTON.

Baba Gaston was born on July 5, at Likasi, near Lubumbashi in Shaba Province, Eastern DR Congo. He changed his name to Ilunga Chenji Kamanda wa Kamanda Gaston Omer after Mobutu decreed that Zaire nationals replace their Christian names with African ones.

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No.". Kenya’s economy, the largest in East Africa, has witnessed a period of recent stability, with increased credit access to the private sector, investment in infrastructure, and growth in key sectors such as tourism, renewable energy, and information and communication technology (ICT).

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Kenya has long been at the forefront of digital innovation in Africa, with products such as M-pesa, Ushahidi and BRCK. It seems the digital revolution is s. News; South Africa’s BCX Plans to Sell Assets in Botswana, Kenya. Telkom noted that the assets identified by BCX for potential divestiture at this time include NGA Africa, Appzone, BCX Kenya and .

Digital Kenya is a candid look at the backstory of Kenya’s celebrated entrepreneurial revolution.

Kenya s digital revolution

It combines insightful analysis with honest conversations in the unique voices of the nation’s tech leaders.

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