Kfc marketing activity report

The reason behind doing so was to give a different image rather than being seen as a fried chicken restaurant. In making this major change the marketing strategy played a major role. Different advertising and promotional campaign helped in making this big change.

Kfc marketing activity report

These marketing mixes are described in detail as under. Their product is classified as consumer product as it has no intermediates. It also offers specialty goods.

The stock turn over of KFC is relatively high.


The prices and quality of the product is always compared. Their product includes Goods Burgers, Chicky Meals etc and Services cleanliness, quick service, parties, and meetings. It was launched here as an innovative product. KFC has got one product line but later they introduced products in the same line to protect their market share.

New product ideas are generated from: Customer services comments cards Gallops survey mystery shoppers They have a Quality Assurance department that decides the new product innovation. This department does the technical evaluation whether it is practical to produce the new product or not.

The products are tested externally by offering trials to customers by giving them free samples. KFC uses telemarketing, print media, billboards and most recently televised marketing for Kfc marketing activity report.

KFC product line includes all chicken based products. They have also introduces a Fish zinger burger. The chicken involved the product line with different number of chicken pieces like 1 piece, 2 pieces, 5 pieces and 10 pieces chicken.

The product mix strategies are in relation to: The brand KFC is so strong that it is the attribute itself.

Kfc marketing activity report

KFC products are based on high quality and prices. Product Mix Expansion and Contraction: KFC keeps on modifying their product through line extension and other methodologies.

Line Extension is being done through introducing new meals offers.

Kfc marketing activity report

The alteration of existing products is also done and this function is performed by the Quality Assurance department. The department decides which product should be sold and when seasonal products as rice and soups offered in winters.

Functional modification is also done by the Q. Other than expansion contraction is also being dealt with as when the new deals or offers are not sold as expected, Q. Change in Product Positioning: KFC products were first offered to upper socio-economic group.

Later, introducing discounted and lower price deals, they are now dealing in masses. So, KFC has traded down. In doing so KFC has used the same brand name and same high quality product. Product Branding, Packaging and Labeling: The brand itself is so dominant, that it immediately comes in mind. It is trade marked registered brand and is distinctive, adaptable to addition to product line.

It suggests something about product. It is legally protected and registered. Brand Equity and Strategy: The brand equity is very high as the value added by brand to the product effects the product selling.

And the Brand strategy followed is that the KFC is marketing the entire output under products own brand. Pepsi and Nescafe are the complementary brands associated with KFC. KFC makes its own disposable packaging. If they need promotion Pepsi contributes in improving the packaging quality.

KFC does family packaging. They use paper material for packaging to avoid health hazards and environmental pollution.o Undefined target market o Negative stereotypes • Opportunities o KFC can be a healthy alternative to the competition o KFC has strong Top-of-Mind-Awareness in the product category o KFC already uses unique ad methods (logo that can be seen from space) and is open to creative advertising.

KFC is the specialist in fried chicken and it has set up over 17, restaurants and outlets in about countries of the world to provide the fast food to its lovers. Kentucky Fried Chicken- KFC - Marketing Mix - four P's.

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Kfc Malaysia. Supply Chain Management of KFC. KFC Case Study MARKETING STRATEGIES OF KFC There are different strategies 5/5(10). KFC Marketing Activity Report.

FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now. 1. Target market: KFC targets upper and middle classes. Typical customers are adults ages who are in occupations ranging from white collar office jobs to blue collar construction jobs.

The biggest part of their customer base makes between $50, and $60, dollars a year. Kentucky Fried Chicken Four P¶s of Marketing mix. Introduction KFC Corporation, or KFC, founded and also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky/5(18).

"In the birthplace of this brand, KFC hasn't done well in decades," KFC's chief marketing officer, Kevin Hochman, told Business Insider during a visit to the chain's Louisville, Kentucky.

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