Marriage is a private affair okeke

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Marriage is a private affair okeke

Hmnn ……Obasanjo has spoken with uni dimensional vision!

Marriage is a private affair okeke

What of his own record? OBJ Are you now sorry that you fought so hard to keep Nigeria as one. Ojukwu saw what you are seeing now nearly 50 years ago. You and your cohorts then thwarted it. The sad truth is that you contributed to the mess to a very large extent.

Whoever told you that you are good leader. You instituted godfatherism and are now crying wolf.

What Finally Weakens Okeke`s Resolve, And What New Worry Does He Have Now?

Isaac Ok, you are worried about the Bola Tinubus generations? Think where your Nigeria is headed with the likes of Fani Kayode. Nigeria was not set up to work except for the governance intentions of the colonial masters. Its not late to dissolve the false union. The intention was to create political divisions of the continent, by spheres of interest.

Sadly what they created still exist in Africa today. We have an opportunity to end the marriage after one century in LopezoAbroad I totally disagree with you. Give me a good leader and you will see an aligned nation and good followers. Despite the level of rottenness in Nigeria, let a good guy come into power and you would see that all the corrupt senators, MDA officials and even university teachers will all fall in place.

Most humans will steal or break the law because the see others do it or they have no confidence that if they do not take, others will not take too. So we need a smart, fearless, disciplined and hardworking leader who has only the fear of God and the common good at heart. If all the followers are bad, then most comments that I read in the various newspapers are not sincere.

Democracy is a very slow process in ethnically homogeneous states and it is expected to be even slower in a country with as many cultures and sects as Nigeria. We need leaders like GEJ, people that will get us there slowly but surely! I hate these revisions of history designed to suit!

It was Ken Nnamani the third or fourth senate president whilst Obasanjo was there, who led the charge against his third term ambition!Mar 06,  · Marriage is A Private Affair March 6, Conflicts--Internal and External How do Okeke's conflicts--both internal and external--cause him to change? of his son for she is from a different culture lives in the city unlike Ugoye the girl he has arranged his son in marriage.

Internal conflict is when Okeke realizes that his. Summary of Marriage is a Private Affair Nnaemeka (an Ibo in southern Nigeria) wants to marry a girl named Nene (lives in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria) but his father Okeke does not approve. Nnaemeka decides to marry Nene anyways, much to his regret of not having his father's approval.

A Nigerian man resident in Yaounde, Cameroon was allegedly killed by his wife after he discovered she was having an affair with the husband's apprentice who also lived in the house with them.

Chinenye Adaeze Okeke allegedly beat Ugochukwu Okeke to death with the help of the apprentice during an. UPDATED April 18th, We admit, we had some fun with our list of 17 Things Guys Do That Turn Women to be fair, and as promised, here is our take on some of the things women can do to make a guy head for the hills.

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