Nightingale critical path method

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Nightingale critical path method

Walker and James E. Kelly in late s Wikipedia. The critical path method CPM is used extensively by project planners worldwide for developing the project schedule in all types of projects including IT, research, and construction.

The Critical Path Method (CPM) | Critical Path Analysis Examples

You can expect to see two to three questions, or more, in your PMP exam from this topic. In this blog post, I will discuss the critical path with a real world example, identify the critical path in a network diagramand calculate the float for each path.

I will then list some of the benefits and limitations of the critical path method. Make sure you understand each step described, otherwise you might face some difficulties when working with these calculations. If you feel you need any clarification, feel free to reach out to me at any time. Every path will have some duration.

The path with the longest duration is known as the critical path.

Nightingale critical path method

The critical path can be defined in many ways including: The longest path in the network diagram, or The shortest duration in which the project can be completed.

In fact, both definitions are trying to convey the same message.

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They might seem opposite to you because the first definition is talking about the longest path and the second definition is talking about the shortest duration. However, they both are the same.

The first building is the largest building, the second building is a medium-sized building, and the third building is the smallest building. You develop the network diagram which consists of three paths; each path resembles each building.

You calculate the duration for each path. For the first building, the duration is 31 months, the second building will take 18 months, and the third building will require 13 months.

The first path represents the largest building; the second path represents the medium-sized building, and the third path, the smallest building. Now, review the above diagram.

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Did you notice that the path for the first building is the longest duration of all three? This means that if you start working on the first building, you can wait 13 months before working on the second building because you can complete second building in 18 months.

Likewise, you could wait 18 months to start working on the third building because it will take only 13 months to complete. This means that even if you start working on the third building after 18 months from the project start date, you can complete it on time.

This waiting period is known as the float or slack.The Critical path in red color is established by activities in sequence: The critical path is not too reliant on numerous other activities being completed so it is quite a practical network also.

Below is the gantt chart for the current project schedule. NIGHTINGALE PROJECT – B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reducing project scope to accelerate a project?

The only way to shorten the critical path and save money is to have indirect costs which are greater than the additional direct costs of shortening the critical path one unit of time. procedure presented in the chapter example to compute /5(3).

Mar 04,  · The Nightingale Project brightens and enlivens the environment for patients and staff of many mental health centres through art and music. The importance of . Nightingale Case Study Part A 1. Will the project as planned meet the October 25 th deadline?-No, the project as planned would reach and end on December 21 activities lie on the critical path?

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