Price rise in nepal

My Republica reports that poultry entrepreneurs have increased price of chicken from 2 August as the result of the rising cost of inputs and dipping production during the monsoon.

Price rise in nepal

Annually, approximately , people are trafficked across national borders around the world, 80 percent of whom are women and girls.

The trafficking of girls from Nepal into India for forced prostitution is perhaps one of the busiest slave trafficking routes anywhere in the world, with estimated 5, Nepali women and girls trafficked to India each year.

Price rise in nepal

Also widespread is labor exploitation of victims in unorganized, informal sectors in Gulf states, such as domestic servitude.

Forced labor refers to "situations in which persons are coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation, or by more subtle means such as accumulated debt, retention of identity papers, or threats of denunciation to immigrant authorities.

Victims sometimes get away from their captivity through escape, rescue by police raids, or release by their captors when deemed too old to be profitable.

They are both men and women, and most often they were people the victim knows such as neighbors, relatives, friends, and even parents. Children who come from indigenous populations, minority groups, or lower castes are the most vulnerable. Furthermore, women who are divorced, abandoned, victims of rape, or sex workers face enormous levels of stigma and are ostracized by their families and communities, making them vulnerable to trafficking.

Humanitarian crises[ edit ] The April Nepal earthquakeits aftershocks have led to fears of intensified trafficking as people prey upon the millions of newly shelterless.

The Nepal blockade has only heightened the sense of crisis in the country. Some showed that girls as reported by Maiti Nepalmost of them were under the age of 18, were reported missing by their families after crossing into India.

Challenges after trafficking[ edit ] Even if victims survive and are able to get out of trafficking, there are many challenges they may face in attempting to return to their normal lives.

Health consequences[ edit ] The psychological effects of trafficking are often more neglected than the social and physical consequences, despite its extremely large influence on personal quality of life and on society.

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At the trial level, the cases are delayed by insufficient evidence, excessive delay in court process and non-execution of judgment.

In addition, there is gross lacking of awareness on gender issues, lack of conceptual clarity on trafficking issues, lack of skilled human resources, corruption, political pressure and lack of coordination among police and Government attorney. It is responsible to i formulate and implementation of plans and policies concerning women, children and social welfare; ii coordinate and liaison with national and international organisations working in social sector; and iii ensure protection and promotion of children and women.

Their major areas of work include research and documentation of trafficking; advocacy and lobbying for policy reform; awareness raising in the community; establishment of helpline services; establishment and operation of community surveillance system; empowerment of community and vulnerable groups such as girls and women; legal services for survivors; facilitation of cross-border rescue, raids, and repatriation; and establishment of rehabilitation centers for rescued survivors where they can have safe shelter, receive medical and legal aid, counseling, and learn other trade skills.

First, despite the large number of organizations in place, most are concentrated in the Kathmandu valley and have limited reach in the rural communities where many victims and the vulnerable reside.

Price rise in nepal

Furthermore, in researcher interviews, survivors in NGO-run shelters were highly critical of the traditional skills training that is offered to them such as sewing and garment-making, which they complain are not sufficient to support themselves in the local economy.

Instead the survivors report wanting types of support that they perceive as enabling them to compete in the global market and to have sustainable livelihoods. Inefficiency in the disbursement of foreign aid to combat trafficking is a major concern: First, there is a dearth of quantitative data on trafficking, mostly because of its illegal and clandestine nature.

Much existing information about sex trafficking in Nepal is reliant on NGO publications; there is still no centralized database system for trafficking in persons by the government or any other organization. Socioeconomic factors such as pervasive poverty, a global economy with demand for cheap and slave labor, and lack of opportunities for Nepali locally continue to drive the cycle of vulnerability.

Furthermore, elements of the greater socioeconomic and cultural climate such as gender inequality, stigma, and lack of respect for human rights, especially those of women and children, remain imposing societal obstacles toward fighting trafficking.It’s now time for a fantastic India Nepal Super Saver holiday that allows you to experience both magic & mystical countries.

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