Public health reflective journal health and social care essay

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Public health reflective journal health and social care essay

Uncategorized Cultural competence and safety requires a number of strategies across various levels of the health system. This assessment is designed to begin exploring YOUR cultural competency and ability to provide culturally safe care as a health professional. Understanding of culture and the way it operates is fundamental to understanding what it means to be culturally competent and provide safe practice.

There are some premises underlying this assessment: It is about shared respect, shared meaning, shared knowledge and experience, of learning, living and working together with dignity and truly listening.

There is a tendency for people to view these groups as relatively homogenous.


Instead they are culturally diverse. Being sensitive to this diversity aids in providing quality, safe, and equitable care. Be mindful of not slipping into stereotype language.

Increasing cultural competency for healthy living and environments. Improving cultural responsiveness of health professionals through education reform.

What does it mean for our work practice? Assignment Submission Assessment Purpose: To begin critically reflecting on your own cultural competence and apply the concept of culturally safe practice to rural health outcomes. Part of being able to provide culturally safe practice is being aware of social and cultural factors.

Reflective journal assignment health and social care

Identify a cultural factor you may encounter in a rural or remote setting that would be a challenge for you in a professional setting. Or you believe in equal rights for men and women and find yourself working in a very conservative and traditional community that does not share your views.

Briefly outline how such a cultural factor impacts on the health of rural populations or a specific rural population. Developing culturally safe practice requires continued reflection and attention.

Develop a plan for achieving cultural safety as a health professional in rural Australia. Create and complete a table to outline your plan to continue developing your cultural competency and safety for working in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Assessment Tips Presentation and Logic It is expected that your piece be neatly presented, with clear margins and 11? You should still reference any source that you use, using APA format eg. When you are discussing the steps or principles of cultural safety.

There are significant areas to consider in your writing There are two 2 parts to this assessment. Preparing for and completing Part 1 Part a.

Public health reflective journal health and social care essay

It may be useful for you to draw on previous experiences of cultural factors or those you have witnessed. Cultural factors for you to consider include aspects of language, behaviours, attitudes, and values.

You will need to briefly identify the cultural factor and describe a relevant interaction you may encounter in a rural or remote setting in your profession. It will also be useful to provide a brief rationale for why you would encounter this.

Public health reflective journal health and social care essay

An example would be that you will be providing care for someone with an Indigenous background who holds a holistic view of health. For example, some not all rural and remote areas have a high proportion of Indigenous people.

The Role of Public Health in Ensuring Healthy Communities

Specify what the proportion would be in the community you are talking about. You will also 2 Part b. You will need to do some reflection on your own culture. To get to know how you feel about a range of cultural differences you could engage in discussions about challenging topics, do some research on rural culture, do some research on population groups you may encounter in rural and remote locations, read stories about challenging encounters, watch videos on cross-cultural communication.

In your response you might like to draw on aspects of communication skills.Public health nursing is a nursing specialty focused on public health.

Public Health Nurses (PHN's) "integrate community involvement and knowledge about the entire population with personal, clinical understandings of the health and illness experiences of individuals and families within the population.

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Community Health Nursing Reflection Veronica Hubbard NUR/ June 25, Cindy Januale Community Health Nursing Reflection Community health nursing is a specialty field of nursing which care is provided to people in the community setting.

This journal reflection is based upon the article ‘Translating research evidence into practice to reduce health disparities: A social determinants approach’, which is a learning component for my Building Health Communities: Advocacy Leadership (SOCS ) course.

Agneta Berg and Ingalill Rahm Hallberg, The meaning and significance of clinical group supervision and supervised individually planned nursing care as narrated by nurses on a general team psychiatric ward, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 9, 3, (), ().

Below is an essay on "Reflective Portfolio - Health Visiting" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. During the second term my focus has been on developing my skills to become a more valuable member of the health visiting team.

Public health is preventing injury and disease, prolonging life and protecting populations by promoting health through product safety and in physical, social and economic environments.

Responsibility for promoting the health of the public is shared between the government and communities.

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