Rebuilding brand strategy

Each such crisis has the potential to strike at the heart of an established brand, causing fleeting damage in best-case scenarios or in worst-case scenarios irreparable destruction of customer trust. Scandals and reputation crises have always occurred in the marketplace. The difference today is the sheer speed with which a minor issue can escalate via social media or other digital platforms.

Rebuilding brand strategy

But looking forward, they see more opportunities on the landscape than dangers, and think that they are now in a much better position to take the next step forward.

I think that question is off the table now. The company is in very reasonable shape. We have a good ability to manage our balance sheets, and have lots of assets. I said previously that we would grow 10 to 15 per cent this year, and I still maintain we will do that.

Rebuilding brand strategy

I have no illusions about that. But that has no sustainability, and you set yourself up for failure. It was a great thing to win a deal with Delphi [providing the software for self driving cars through BlackBerry QNX], but when will we see revenues from it?

It will be multiple years — maybe 18 months if we are lucky, when they roll it out to their customers. But then those revenues will be repeatable over time.

So we are still in the phone business, but in a different way. Part of that can be addressed with employee education processes, but part of it is also how the systems are architected together.

To address these issues long-term, enterprises will have to rearchitect their application architectures and accessibility through the network or mobile infrastructures or both. That carries a lot of services.

Canada is always good because we are a Canadian company, although the size of the market limits it as a percentage of our business. In Canada, we will always have a very steady business, and a lot of people are very supportive of the brand.

Some people from Toronto hate the brand though. The Globe and Mail comes to mind. But when we got out of the manufacturing, inventory and selling of devices ourselves, our balance sheet went up.

If you keep saying the same thing over and over, eventually the market will get it — if you get the results. So far, we have done all that, but there is still a long way to go. That kind of association is the goal, and we believe that it is what is needed.

It still has a long way to go, however. We want to have Gartner and IDC saying it. Our [] Good Technology acquisition and integration created a single platform that enables any mobile strategy. It has made a difference how we compete in the market for large customers, because they are tired of managing different technologies for different use cases.

At the time, we were struggling to get on our feet, and Good was struggling themselves. We were two sinking animals trying to help each other. We got it done and are now in good shape.

So both Google and Uber are our customers. We shifted from a telco channel to going to enterprises.> The year of rebuilding the brand. Brand development and strategy are being executed across several disciplines, so it makes sense to bring in an expert to execute part of a bigger plan when it comes to creating experiences.

Rebuilding corporate reputations By Sheila Bonini, David Court, and Alberto Marchi. Rebuilding corporate reputations. Article Actions. Share this article on LinkedIn; This was a high-risk strategy, since it’s always possible to draw different statistical inferences from the same data.

But the strategy reestablished public trust and. Volkswagen attempts brand rebuild with marketing push Volkswagen is starting its offensive to salvage consumer trust with a marketing push, placing numerous newspaper ads aimed at reassuring customers.

Watch this video to learn 6 ways to rebuild your brand after a disaster has impacted your business. Creating a brand-portfolio strategy that yields synergy and clarity. Brands need well-defined roles and visions that support those roles. Strategic brands should be identified and resourced, and branded differentiators and energizers should be created and managed.

DETROIT • General Motors CEO Mary Barra’s strategy of rebuilding the Cadillac brand has run into twin roadblocks: the automaker can’t persuade enough American sedan buyers to switch from.

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