Unexpected killers a look into parricide

All immigrants to America have a story with the American Dream, a story sometimes intimately intertwined with personal dreams. My story might be a surprising, if not maybe an unexpected one diverging from the usual account of pitiful existence in Haiti's slums or that of struggle for adaptation to America's way of life by one of Haiti's "boat people" who landed on South Florida's coast. It is the story of a Haitian immigrant born in the small coastal town of Saint-Marc, Haiti. It evolves with my experiences growing up in my native country where my formative years were influenced by a connection to a diverse sociocultural environment.

Unexpected killers a look into parricide

For example, the play Oedipus Rex is about an unintentional patricide and incest. The story of Orestes would be a classic example of matricide.

Moreover, the story of Hamlet can not be intelligently discussed without mentioning the parricidal and incestuous themes Bunker, This requirement would have to be extended to classic works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky such as Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov.

The psychoanalytic interpretations of the former have explicitly focused on matricidal impulses while the latter has, in actual text and interpretation, focused on patricide See Kanzer, Thus, from examining the historic literature on the topic, it is evident that parricide is a problem that has consumed the human intellect and passion for quite some time.

Current theoretical developments reveal a wide array of perspectives with similar methodologies. The psychoanalysts, following the lead of its founder, Freud, continue to rely on this approach, as well as the next one.

This approach uses life histories and interviews to gather data. Some utilize the scientific method by using control groups and statistical tests; however most still rely on individual case reports. While Freudian psychoanalysis has been a dominant voice in the literature on parricide, the more recent theoretical contributions of prominent psychoanalysts are not prolific.

Using studies in religious symbolism, along with a detailed scrutiny of case reports and other relevant situational characteristics of the crime, I will attempt to provide an alternative theory of parricide.

By disseminating the situational characteristics of the crime, such as type of weapon used, crime space, mode and manner of death, and emotionality of the event, I will argue that the primary motivation for matricide is a desire for transcendence and metamorphosis.

Explanations are sought at the macro level level of social organization, social structure, culture and at the micro level nature and characteristics of the interaction amongst involved parties Short, However, criminologists such as Darnell Hawkins have rigidly maintained that, in attempting to account for homicides rates, biological and genetic research methods offer little in the way of truly understanding crime.

He takes the social constructionist stance that all factors such as race, crime and criminality are mere social constructs Hawkins, Other researchers of homicide such as Paul Goldstein, have causally related the drug market to increasing rates of homicide.

This intricate relationship of drugs to homicide and other violent crimes has been given the name "Tripartite Conceptual Framework.

Unexpected killers a look into parricide

The drug connection to homicide rate can not be ignored since this constitutes a significant portion of the total homicide rate. While Blocks' Chicago data contradicts this finding with a low 6. Richard and Carolyn Blockin attempting to provide an explanation for homicide rates, emphasize the value of seeing the total situation of both the offender and the victim's perspectives.

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Before elaborating on the Blocks' general account of homicides, their classification of general violence--homicide syndrome--is relevant to discussion and additional commentary is warranted. There are four major syndromes of homicide: In an expressive homicide, the primary goal is to cause bodily injury and harm someone.

It's sole purpose is malicious and willful intent to hurt the other person. Rape homicides are murders that transpire in the commission of a sex crime.

The last category of homicide is classified accordingly if the offender's motives are gang-related.

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The strength of Blocks' model is attributable to the fact that their model does not view homicide as a unidimensional event.

Rather, it is conceptualized as a crime with a "constellation of related characteristics" along with its "sibling offense. This presents a unique understanding of the homicidal situation since this brings chance factors into the explanation: If the totality of the situation can be described and understood, who the offender and victim are will become amorphous.

As it can be seen, the whole notion of offender and victim refuse definitional clarity and become pliable constructs. The overarching theme that can be gleaned from the homicide studies cited above is the broad social forces, as well as the micro forces which shape and influence homicide rates.

Thus, in heeding Blocks' advice to examine homicide in its totality, one would be following sound advice. But since the topic of this paper is parricide, one must inevitably ask: Are any of the factors such as SES, race, gender, ethnicity, and age related to parricide? Does parricide rate indeed change at all?

Parricides are not frequently occurring events. Even in the context of overall homicides, it constitutes a small percentage. For example, in Daly and Wilson's a examination of Detroit Police homicide records occurring inout of the non-accidental homicides, 11 cases were parricide cases.

In a study of homicide cases between in the West of Scotland, Gilles came across a total of 14 instances of parricide out of a total of victims.This article explores the ways in which parricide was comprehended in England and Wales, c–, and shows that while some parallels exist with modern explanatory models of parricide offenders, they had very different meanings in the early modern context.

While both lunacy and the cruelty of parents were understood as possible contexts for parricide, neither were common.

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Unexpected killers a look into parricide

Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/regardbouddhiste.comibers: Jun 23,  · When talking about serial killers, you are prepared for the creepy, the depraved, and the insane.

10 Serial Killers Who Did The Last Thing You’d Expect. Radu Alexander June 23, Share Stumble Tweet. Pin 14 +1 and he jumped into the water and rescued the child—hardly an act one would expect from a killer.

Unexpected Killers: a Look Into Parricide UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 1 Unexpected Killers: A Look Into Parricide EN English Composition Miller-Motte Online Stacey Reid UNEXPECTED KILLERS: A LOOK INTO PARRICIDE 2 Several nights ago, my eight year old daughter and I were lying on the sofa together watching a movie.

More Essay Examples on Human nature Rubric. It is a confusing yet interesting paradox that Jazz is in as he tries to help the police and fight to restore his name, he struggles with the fact that he may follow in his father’s footsteps. 10 KILLERS WHO CHANGED THEIR MINDS By Lori Bell. We live in a very dark world.

From stories of murderers walking free, to killers boasting about their crimes on Facebook, to terrorists targeting innocent civilians, experience shows time and again that a real-life “happy ending “ .

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