Visual basic toolbox controls

Download source code - 4. The accompanying sample will be helpful for component developers, who want to deploy their custom controls to their customers in a package. There is also a sample console application, which demonstrates the techniques presented in this article.

Visual basic toolbox controls

To refresh your memory, since the previous two lessons have been rather theoretical, you select the New tab, and Standard EXE for the type. Note that you do not have to specify the extensions.

The Form We covered it too briefly in Lesson 01 so we'll go over it again. The Form is the first object you see when you Open the application. It's the window into which all the controls will appear, where you will input data and see results.

There's not too much you can do with the form at this time. Basically, you adjust the BackColor and the StartUpPosition where it will open on the screen when you Run it and then you start putting controls on it. The Label This is probably the first control you will master. It is used to display static text, titles and screen output from operations.

The important properties to remember: The frame backcolor can be the same as the form's and only the frame borders will be obvious, or it can be a different color and stand out.

You create the frame before the controls. When you create controls in a frame, they are tied to the frame and move with it.

Visual basic toolbox controls

The frame caption is the text that appears at the top of the frame - you use it to define the group. The PictureBox is like a Label with a picture in it instead of text.

The Picture property determines the name of the file. GIF, that will be displayed. It can be used for a company logo, etc. The data typed in is in the Text property of the control. When the program is Run, only the controls that can be manipulated will be activated.

For example, if the form contains 3 Labels, 3 TextBoxes and 3 Buttons, when it is Run, the cursor will not stop at the labels. When the user hits the Tab key, the cursor will go to the first TextBox or Button - not necessarily the first one on the form but, the first one that was created.

That is called the Tab order and you have to specify it. On the form there is only one control at any given time that has the cursor on it - it is said to have Focus. If you type data, the control with Focus will receive it.

The Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment

You change the Focus with Tab or by clicking on a different control. Up until now we haven't bothered with the names of controls the Name property.

Visual basic toolbox controls

Once we start to code, however, it does become important. There are all kinds of occasions in code where you have to call upon a certain control. It can get very confusing when your 12 buttons are called Command What did Command7 do, again?

Give each control a name except for titles, etc. It is recommended that you use a prefix when assigning a name; cmd for a CommandButton, lbl for a Label, txt for a TextBox. Thus, txtNumber where you input the value can be distinguished from lblNumber where you display the result.

The CommandButton is used to initiate actions, usually by clicking on it. The Caption property determines the text to display on the face of the button. Hopefully, you have now run this program several times, each time you added a new control, in fact.

Using the Common Dialog Controls

Admittedly, nothing much happened except to confirm that the controls were appearing in the right place on the form. Here now is an example of the code we could write to perform simple tasks:LESSON 4 - How to use the VB standard controls For this lesson we will need a new Project, call it, which will only be used to create and try out various controls.

To refresh your memory, since the previous two lessons have been rather theoretical, you . How to: Work with ActiveX Controls (Visual Basic) 07/20/; 2 minutes to read Contributors.

all; In this article. ActiveX controls are COM components or objects you can insert into a Web page or other application to reuse packaged functionality someone else has programmed.

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Sort the assemblies by name and navigate to Telerik assemblies. Select all corresponding Telerik Controls (except for FilteredPropertyGrid) and click OK to finish the operation..

All Telerik UI for for WinForms should appear in the toolbox and you can start using them right away. The Toolbox Controls The Toolbox window holds all of the controls available to your VB. NET programs. Basic Controls First, let’s focus on the basic controls that are used in most programs. You will also find the toolbox that allows you to add controls to your userforms in the Visual Basic Editor.

In the Visual Basic Editor you right click in the project window and you will see this menu appear.

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