Write a play for radio 4 bbc

It's designed to be very simple to use for screenreader users: However, you can also change volume, jump around the programme and pause and start easily. You can get it from the link below. You have to run the setup.

Write a play for radio 4 bbc

BUT, a glitch If developers are reading - there has been a glitch on the iPhone for about a year: This is really frustrating, especially if you manage to swipe down past 10 or 20 programmes to find something and then it suddenly skips to the start of the list again and again, it can take many attempts to reach certain programmes lower down.

Please try to fix it. Otherwise, this is a perfect app, I use it several times everyday and have been using it for many years now. Still a five star app, but this glitch has been in every version for about a year now.

We use it on iPhones 7, X and iPad Pro. Ridding this glitch would really lower my blood pressure. However, thanks for all the good work so far. Sometimes I come across a programme I enjoy and a few days later wish to listen to another episode. Unless I can recall what day it was originally broadcast or the full title then there is no way of recalling it in this App.

Use it every day multiple times. One thing I'd love to see is being able to listen to a broadcast that has been broadcast even sooner if I could go the start of a broadcast that was already in progress that would be incredible!!

Sometimes hours have passed and it still says "sorry this episode is not available". A few hours later it then appears.

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Being able to download things while abroad would also be nice!For those of you, like me, who find it difficult to live without your radio streaming while they fix it there's a workaround you might want to try: If you have a tablet or pc or smartphone load the BBC iPlayer Radio app. Stream the station you want and then connect the headphone output to .

If Google Home doesn't play the radio station you requested, be more specific with your query, or ask for the station in a different way, using name, frequency or call sign.

If the request is not properly answered, try adding " on TuneIn " or " on iHeartRadio " to the query.

BBC world service news channel. International news, analysis and information from the BBC World Service. In-depth news and sport with audio, video and forums. BBC iPlayer Radio - listen to live BBC Radio or catch up on BBC programmes from across the UK and World Service. Official site: See the BBC Radio 4 website. From Wikipedia: The station is broadcast from the BBC's headquarters at Broadcasting House, London. Damazer then became Master of St Peter's College, Oxford Music and sport are the only fields that largely fall outside the station's remit.

TQ Editor, John Doran ventures into the strange world of Richard D James in a new short radio documentary which will be broadcast on Tuesday morning at am on BBC Radio 4. With the help of archive recordings and interviews with the likes of David Toop, Scanner, Leila, Tom Middleton, Ryan Wyer.

Hi all. I have seen some old threads re problems with BBC radio but nothing lately and mine is happening now and driving us mad.

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The problem is constant pauses in the reception of BBC radio 4. "Marco Polo" is the fourth Dr.

write a play for radio 4 bbc

Who Serial and ran seven episodes from February to April 4 and follows after the events of "The Edge of Destruction" which left the TARDIS damaged and finds the Doctor and the TARDIS crew (Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Susan Foreman) stranded on top of a snow capped mountain and in danger of freezing to death.

They document key developments in UK radio broadcasting since the s – the BBC’s national network, pre-war commercial radio, pirate radio of the s, independent and commercial radio since and a decade’s output by London-based arts and community radio station Resonance FM .

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