Write an essay on the person you admire most

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Write an essay on the person you admire most

Blog My Best Friend is Gay: Top 5 Examples of Descriptive Paragraphs Writing used to be one of the most valued skills in the world. These authors have written books that are still read today, and their skill with the pen would become their legacy.

They are forever immortalized on the printed page. He did this intentionally so that anybody could read his books.

What made these writers legendary was their brilliant ability to tell a descriptive story. This is all creative writing really is.

If you want to be a successful creative writer the most important skill that you can learn is how to write a descriptive essay. Grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to get writing. They may assign a whole classroom to write a descriptive essay about a person who they admire.

That means that the teacher will then have to sit down and read through hundreds of essays on the exact same topic. Can you guess the one thing that would brighten their day the most?

If you gave them 10 minutes to read a truly creative and interesting story that was complete with descriptive paragraphs and an interesting character, it would break the monotony, and bring a smile to their face.

As we all know; happy teachers are far more likely to give you a good grade. So with this in mind, hopefully, you realize just how important it is to learn how to write a descriptive essay.

For our first example, we are going to show you a full essay so that you can get the proper context.

The Purpose of Your Graduate School Application Essay

The wilderness can be a strange place. My Best Friend Is Gay It was the middle of the summer, and we had just graduated high school and were eagerly awaiting the transition to this next stage of life. Our parents had told us that we better enjoy our last few months of freedom before adulthood, and our teachers had told us to spend the entire summer studying and preparing for college.

Of course, as you can imagine, we did no such thing. We were all at the neighborhood pool in our quiet suburban neighborhood.

The hot Arizona sun was beating down on us. However, it was there, at that pool that I found something out that would change the way that I viewed my life forever.

That day is the day that I found out my best friend, Sam, was gay. Not only was he gay, but he was sexually attracted to me. To most people, this may be frightening.(Since an essay requires an introduction and conclusion, a five paragraph essay about someone you admire will require three qualities.) After you outline the qualities, flesh out the outline into paragraphs.

How To Write a Descriptive Essay About a Person You Admire For our third example we are going to look at a very popular essay topic.

Professors will often ask their students to write about a public figure who they admire and what would occur if they were able to sit down and have dinner with them or have a conversation with them.

How to Create an Effective Graduate Application Personal Statement

Expository essay topic is tyra banks jul 04, odds are famous, the essence of a well-built person you admire most is someone. We would the three traits of modesty.

write an essay on the person you admire most

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Write a narrative essay about a person you consider to be a hero. share an experience that shows what you admire about that person and what impact he or she has had on you.

reread your prompt. then, use the drop-down menus to identify your topic and purpose.

Person in your family who you most admire